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Jennie Phipps

November 9, 2023

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the death of Jennie Phipps, who passed away peacefully on Thursday, November 9, 2023 at University Hospital. Jennie was four days shy of her 92nd birthday.

Survived by her loving husband of 65 years, Ken; four wonderful children: Cheryl Phipps, Susan VanBaardwijk (Charles), Gregory, and Jeffrey (Diana); and six treasured grandchildren: Julie, Claire, Aiden, Seth, Anna and Katie. She is also survived by her brother, Olaf, in Chester, Nova Scotia. Predeceased by her parents, Eric and Hazel Peterson, of Chester, Nova Scotia.

Jennie was born in Halifax in 1931. She became a Registered Nurse, having graduated from the nursing school at Victoria General Hospital, in Halifax, in 1953. In 1958, while nursing in Bermuda, she met Ken who also was working there (he came from Paris, Ontario).

They married and lived in Brantford, and then London. Subsequently, with their four children, they moved to Kingston, Jamaica for two years, and then Baltimore, Maryland for seven years, before returning to London.

Jennie was a wonderful mother and a great cook. She loved to play golf; she and Ken played at Sunningdale for over 20 years. She also loved to play bridge and was very good at it. She was quite artistic and tried her hand at oils and watercolors.

After her children were grown, Jennie returned to nursing at a London nursing home. She took some extra training and was the head nurse at their newly opened Alzheimer’s wing.

Jennie also took some flying lessons – this was to enable her to get a plane back on the ground if her husband was incapacitated while she was flying with him. Jennie’s favorite moment came one day when the Snowbirds (the air force aerobatic team) were in town. The Snowbirds were all lined up on the taxiway, waiting to takeoff in formation… but they had to wait for Jennie to land. She savoured that moment ever after.

Jennie will be sorely missed by her family and friends and by the few remaining nursing classmates alive, with whom she has stayed in touch.

According to her wishes, cremation has taken place and there will be no visitation. There will be a family funeral at a later date, with burial at Paris Cemetery.

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So sorry Susan, for the loss of your mom. We know how close you were. We send our condolences to the whole family.

~ Mike and Sue van Baardwyk

Ken Ken and I were saddened to hear of the loss of your dear wife Jennie. Fond memories of good times spent together will help you through this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you Warmest regards Lynda & Ken

~ Lynda & Ken McNamara

Dear Ken, I am sorry to read in the Brantford Expositor, that your beautiful, talented wife has passed. This will be a difficult time for you. As we face the 90's, it seems we lose many of our old friends and family. Best Wishes to you and your family in the future.

~ Dorothy (Boyd) Durand

My Mom said goodbye to me more times than I can remember. She said goodbye on my first day of school. She said goodbye as I rode my bicycle out of view for the first time. She said goodbye as I jumped from the car when she delivered me to a little league baseball game. She said goodbye as I left hurriedly for my first date. She said goodbye as I hurried to get to my first part-time job. She said goodbye when I slipped out to attend my first teen house party. She said goodbye every time I left to go to Nova Scotia for the summer. She said goodbye when I left home to move into my first apartment. She said goodbye when I left the province for freshman year university. She said goodbye when I left London for the east coast. She said goodbye when the wedding was over, and she had to drive back home. She said goodbye as she handed my twin baby boys back to me and went home herself. She goodbye with every visit over the years and distance. She confessed many years later that each goodbye was followed by a tear and that, when I was a teenager, she never slept until I made it home safely. Recently, she said “Goodbye. I expect this will be the last you may see me again.” So, it’s my turn now to say goodbye. Goodbye Mom. Love you. Miss you. See you on the other side.

~ Gregory Phipps

Mrs. Phipps was like a second mother to me for many years. There was always a warm welcome and a seat at the dinner table for me during my preteen and early teen years when Cheri and I had weekly sleepovers at each other’s houses. Mrs. Phipps continued to extend her warm hospitality to me each time I came to visit as an adult. I was thinking about what to write about Mrs. Phipps, and I realized that one of the most wonderful things about her was how she gave Cheri and me supervised independence. She believed in our abilities to make good choices, and never hovered over us. Her sense of trust in us and her ability to let us grow up had a big impact on me as I raised my own children. I will miss her. I pray that God’s comfort surrounds Mr. Phipps and the whole family. ❤️

~ Kathy Urso Pratt

I read this with great sadness quelled by a flood of warm memories of this amazing lady. I was so young and formative when I met and was embraced by the Phipps family. Mrs. Phipps provided me with guidance, love, and warmth that was so important in my early years. She always made me feel like family. I will never forget the wonderful Sunday dinners and 60 minutes, I really looked forward to those Sunday nights where I understood the feeling of family. A beautiful woman inside and out who will never be forgotten. Respectfully, Victoria

~ Victoria Coleman

So sorry to hear of your great loss. We wish you peace in the memories you share of your mother, grandmother, friend.

~ Lynne and Jim Finn

My Mom was a very talented lady. She was an excellent seamstress and made many of her own clothes, as well as clothes for her kids. They didn't look like "homemade" clothes; they looked like professionally made clothing and we often got compliments on them. She taught me how to sew, although I never got to her level. She was also a gourmet cook. She enjoyed cooking and my Dad worked for Club House Foods, so we grew up eating sophisticated meals that were well seasoned and flavourful. A friend of mine once said, "Your family never has plain food!" She loved to play golf and bridge. She drew and painted and she was quite good. She had an artistic eye and it extended to home decor and fashion. She also had a rebellious streak. When hot pants first became fashionable in the '70's and my school banned them, Mom bought me a hot pants outfit and made me wear it to school. Her point was that no one has the right to tell us what we can and cannot wear. Two of the things that Mom (and Dad) taught me that I appreciate to this day are social etiquette and manners. I will always be grateful to Mom for all that she taught me. I will miss talking to her about The Curse of Oak Island and reminding her who the judges are on The Voice each season. Going for a pedicure just won't be the same without Mom. I'm happy that Mom is now at peace. She has earned the rest. I'll see you in Heaven, Mom.

~ Cheryl Phipps

What can you say about your mom? Not only did she bring you into this life but guided you through those formative years making you the person you are today. She was an accomplished woman with a keen interest is such a varied range of topics. She could tell you how the U.S. electoral college worked (before it became a hot topic), or whether a defensive shift was needed watching a Blue Jays game. She once pulled a non-responsive child from a pond and resuscitated him and was awarded a citizenship plaque by the City. At nearly 92, she didn't leave much on the table. Thank heavens for mothers like my mom. Miss you already!

~ Jeff Phipps