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When and by whom should pre-planning be done?

Traditionally, most people left the planning of their funeral arrangements up to their family or executor, which was done after a death occurred. The subject of funerals and death is never easy to discuss as it is a difficult topic for many and therefore is often avoided completely. Many people die without ever discussing their wishes with even their closest family members. We encourage open communication among family before the need arises.

Pre-Planning a Funeral

Many people have decided to lessen this burden for their family members, by planning their funeral arrangements ahead of time, quite often, many years in advance. By doing this, they can effectively communicate their wishes to those that will be most concerned. Preplanning a funeral should encourage helpful open discussion among family and close friends to ensure that a funeral service will be conducted in a manner most appropriate to your needs.

Managing Funeral Costs

Many people think that a funeral has to be pre-paid if prearranged. We believe that it is most important to pre-arrange a funeral. Pre-payment for the services is a choice made by many and an option available to anyone who wishes. We will show you the options regarding pre-payment including monthly payment plans to suit most financial situations. Planning ahead is a financially sound idea which does allow you to purchase something for the future at today’s prices.

Personalizing a Funeral

Prearranging also gives you time to personalize a funeral. Music, poetry and scripture which have been selected because they reflect one’s lifestyle will make a funeral more meaningful and more valuable to those most touched by a thoughtful, well-planned funeral service.

Begin Pre-Arranging Now

Westview Funeral Chapel offers the compassion, affordability, and personal touch you need to begin pre-planning your funeral.