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Roy Wallace

May 5, 2021

March 29, 1928 – May 5, 2021

F. Roy Wallace (aka Dad, D’o, Grampa, G’pa, Brother, Unkie, Mr. Wallace, “Sir”, Friend) was a man for all seasons. He never stopped learning, and inspired many others to do the same. He was at once creative, inventive, and a master of understatement. For instance, to a student tempting fate in a dangerous move on the playground, he asked “What kind of flowers would you like at your funeral?”

Roy was famous for his impromptu deliveries of poetry, stories and songs, often shared in the middle of a classroom lesson. His students’ ears would perk up for the likes of “Albert and The Lion”. (We’re sure his rendering of this poem rivalled that of Stanley Holloway.)

At his core, Roy desired to “love the LORD (his) God with all (his) heart…and (his) neighbour as (himself).” (Deut 6:5; Mark 12:30-31). Roy loved people where he met them, without discrimination or judgement. Over his lifetime, he developed a worldwide network of friends whom he considered as family, and for whom he prayed morning and evening – often on his knees.

Roy cultivated a serving heart. People on five continents received encouragement through his quiet dedication and genuine love. When he saw a need, he met it with respect and a willing heart, often going the extra mile to see a task through. Roy’s recent birthday wish was to ride in a hot air balloon. Shortly before noon on May 5, 2021, he experienced something far more grand: “To depart and be with Christ, which is far better” (Philippians 1:23). He now has a ‘room with a view’ of a hundred million galaxies. He is experiencing eternity with his Saviour.

A family funeral service to honour Roy’s life will be conducted at Westview Funeral Chapel on Friday, May 14, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. The family welcomes friends to participate in the service via livestream. A private burial will follow at Woodland Cemetery.

To register for the livestream of the service, please click here: >Registration page for the livestream of Roy Wallace’s funeral service on Friday, May 14, 2021, at 11:00 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, those wishing to make a donation in memory of Roy are asked to consider Roy’s favourite charities:  SIM Canada, DevXchange International Programs, The Gideons International in Canada, or Prison Fellowship Canada.

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~ Carolyn Dalgity

Roy was one kind of a person who connects with everyone and makes one feel welcomed and loved. I was a caregiver to Mr. Roy, and for me I looked at him as my own grandpa, I shared great good moments, he taught me how to play different games, we read the bible scriptures together, shared some stories. I will miss all those moments but most I will miss him for being so kind ,and loving. My condolences goes to the family members, you are all great good people, I was lucky to meet with you all. Till we meet again in heaven Mr. Roy may you keep resting in peace! Much Love Christine-from Kenya.

~ Christine Thuku

Uncle Roy was an amazing brother to our mom, Evelyn, and a wonderful brother to all of his brothers, not to mention being a great son to his mother. Uncle Roy was always "there", and I/we will miss his presence. His passion for the spreading of the Word of God, be it through Gideons, or through his relationships was contagious. His smile can only be described as "The Wallace Smile" which all of children and many grandchildren have inherited. We have been left with a wonderful inheritance in having had him in our lives.

~ Tim and Alvina Burns

We would like to register for Mr. Roy Wallace service.

~ Arega Ali

A true gentleman, one who walked with grace, dignity, and undeniable love of the Lord, a wide smile and a twinkle in his eye! Though we didn't know him well he made a very clear mark in our lives. He clearly understood the power and importance of prayer. Thank you David and Jane for sharing your Dad with us giving him the opportunity to touch our lives in such a meaningful way. I'm sure the Lord has greeted him with open arms saying "well done thy good and faithful servant!"

~ Vincent and Erin Schnee

Grateful for Roy's obedience, commitment and service to Jesus. Missionaries in Ethiopia were and still are part of my life. I pray for the loved ones to have the same Grace & Peace of the Lord Jesus Roy had all his life on earth. Now he will have eternal peace receive his rewards for his obedience. My deepest sympathy to the family.

~ Samuel Tekle

Dear Wallace family, We remember Roy for being a faithful follower of Jesus. He demonstrated that service was a privilege long after retirement age and we can picture the energy he brought to that. We can recall that smile of his that seemed to say that there's joy in life and always something to learn. We send our love to you as you have had to say "good-bye" - for now.

~ Brent & Jennifer

Mr. Roy Wallace, you will be missed and remembered by many. Your great, humble and calm manner touched the hearts of many. Thank you for your active doing the right thing here in Canada and abroad, especially in my native land Ethiopia. Your good work is a living reminder to all. Rest In Peace. My deepest condolences to the family.

~ Assefa Bahru

It was a pleasure knowing Roy! Truly an amazing Man of God you'll be missed ❤️

~ Salem



Dear Wallace Family, We only heard about dear Roy's passing a few days ago. Thankfully we were still able to "attend" the recorded service. What a joy hear the wonderful comments about Roy. Every word shared about Roy was true!! We also experienced that twinkle in his eye and his great sense of humour. He often caught us off guard when leaving the prison ministry office calling out, "See you next month". It would take us a couple of seconds to realize the date, oh yes, it was the end of the month. In other words, he would be in next week as usual but he caught us off guard every time. He really enjoyed saying, "See you next year!" on his last time in at the end of each December. He kept us on our toes. Roy was an authentic, wise, humble man of God. We admire him and are so thankful that we had the joy of working along side him at New Life Prison Ministry for many years. He was a compassionate and wise instructor to his correspondence course students. Always encouraging them to memorize the Word of God. One of his students, Richard, attended one of the NLPM conferences after he was released from prison. He wanted to meet his instructor Roy. Spiritual father and son were joyfully united. Later Roy and the two of us attended Richard's church baptism and Roy attended Richard's wedding. Richard "adopted" Roy as his father. Sadly Richard passed away at 44 but the thought of Richard being part of Roy's welcoming crowd in Heaven is a blessed picture in our minds. We are sorry for your earthly loss but know you rejoice that your dear Dad is with his Lord and Saviour, with your Mom and all those that have gone before him. His reward is great. You are in our thoughts and prayers, Susan and Gerrit

~ Susan & Gerrit Blok

I awoke in the middle of last night and the memory of my car accident close to Drumheller,Alberta in approximately 1973/74 came to mind with Roy's name. I had come back to Jesus not very long before that. What came to mind was he had asked for a room where we could talk and the hospital in Calgary gave him that. Even tho, his son was very badly hurt, his concern was for my son and me. We corresponded for many years. There was a reason God gave me this insight. I am longing too, to be with Jesus and I know I will meet him and his family there. My heart hurts for all of his family who will be missing him dearly. It won't be long. Love and prayers, Arlene

~ Arlene Hunter

Condolences on behalf of Trudy McCrae: Roy was my neighbour and friend at the Gainsborough. We shared deep conversations about our mutual faith in Jesus and often shared a smile and a laugh as we chatted outside and at Bible Study. I miss my dear friend very much.

~ Elisabeth Pellmann Webb

I am sending my love and care to the Wallace children as I hear of your father's passing. I have my own pleasant memories of him and know that he was kind and influential in my brother Dennis' life during his years at Bingham. I recently read your Dad's book about your mother "The Shaping of a Saint" and was very blessed by it! I felt that I got to know you all as a family through reading that book. My own father, Ed Ratzliff, died a month before his 92nd birthday back in 2006 and my mother astounds us all at 104 years of age. She moved from Abbotsford to Vernon, B.C. in 2007 to live near my husband Larry and I and is still here 14 years later. Her mind remains clear and bright. Sending you condolences and I pray that the memories and testimonies of your wonderful parents will continue to influence not only you but your children and grandchildren as well. Eunice (Ratzliff) Woelke, a fellow MK

~ Eunice (Ratzliff) Woelke

(Donated to The Gideons International in Canada)

~ Gideons, London Camp

Mr. Wallace was ALWAYS teaching. He was always learning. He loved both and he loved people; the perfect combination. He was my 8th grade teacher at Bingham. I remember once in class we were assigned a project to write about a great man of God. I was assigned John Newton. Mr. Wallace asked me what person I had been assigned in front of the class. I said "Sir Isaac Newton". He just smiled broadly and didn't say anything. I realized after how gracious he was in not calling me out in front of the class. In later years I had the priviledge of traveling with him. Again, it was a memorable learning experience for me. He became one of the 'fathers' one collects on the way. Love and miss him. I am sure he will be missed by his personal and huge extended family.

~ Greg Giles

(Donated to The Gideons International in Canada)

~ Martha Cole

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~ UAC Life Group

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~ Jose Medeiros

(Donated to Prison Fellowship Canada)

~ Willard,Susan,Nancy and Bill

(Donated to Prison Fellowship Canada)

~ Margaret Lockwood

(Donated to DevXchange International Programs)

~ Arega Ali & Meseret

(Donated to Prison Fellowship Canada)

~ Anthony Del Monte

(Donated to DevXchange International Programs)

~ Sam Igharoro

(Donated to The Gideons International in Canada)

~ Anne Marie Henderson

(Donated to The Gideons International in Canada)

~ Ruth Allison

(Donated to DevXchange International Programs)

~ Yorusalem

(Donated to SIM Canada)

~ Laura Toews

(Donated to SIM Canada)

~ Don and Shar Smith

(Donated to The Gideons International in Canada)

~ Barbara Tomlinson

Frances and Roy arrived in London ,from Ethiopia, about the same time that Peter and I arrived. We became close friends right away and spent many wonderful times together, also visiting them at their Island retreat. after Peter passed away, and Frances found out that that I was not sleeping in my own bed, they decided to do something about it. Every night, for the next two weeks, after making sure that I was in bed, they would call and we read Scripture and had prayer time together. That was a very precious time for me. After Frances passed, Roy and I continued our friendship. of course, both being from West Park, our Wednesday prayer times continued, as well as spending time over 'coffee/milk' in Restaurants- visiting friends in Nursing Homes, plus- I have a puzzle on my wall, that he helped with putting a plywood backing on, and making sure it hung right. I will miss my dear friend Roy very much. Wishing the family God's comfort and Blessing.

~ Tina Reimer

Laura Jacobson Toews As a young child at boarding school, Roy Wallace initially embodied a strict authority figure. However, the older I grew and the more contact I had with him, I began to understand how someone could be both an authority figure and a person of deep warmth and humor. I learned to look for the twinkle in his eye, and I discovered a man of humor and passion with a deep devotion to his calling. He loved his family and was so proud of them. Yet his heart was enormous. The motley crew of missionary kids was also his delight - one he continued to pursue long after his MKs were no longer in his care. His joy at meeting one of his now-adult MKs was obvious and greatly appreciated. He was Unkie to us all. He lived Titus 2: 7-8 Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching, show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us. As a teacher, Unkie led by example. May we, his students, follow in his steps. Thank you, Carol, Peter, Frank, Johnathan, Jane, and Marnie, for sharing your parents with us. We share in your sorrow, grief, and yet great joy knowing Unkie is now in the presence of his Lord Jesus - the One he served so faithfully!

~ Laura Jacobson Toews

Uncle Roy, you are a precious and joyful lover of God you will be greatly missed by many..You were the first person I called after I became a Christian.. so happy you are with your Jesus now♡

~ Kim wallace

Dad, you are missed at every corner; your reading chair where you read Scripture and prayed so many mornings sits empty under the picture window. The so0thing rhythms of routines is replaced by the huge void of missing you, but also by the gratefulness for your amazing continual gratitudes . Marn calls them "One for the vault"..... xoxo Ciel

~ carol lee

My condolences to all of Roy's family and friends. He was a very special man and he will always have a special place in my heart . It was always a "treat to treat " Roy and if he can see this he would chuckle at these words. He helped me make a list of homophones in memory of my mom and he amazed me with all the words he found. One of my treasures now , as are the memories I have of "Frank Roy ". We were blessed to have him in our lives.

~ Dr Carolyn Dalgity

Gone to see the King of Kings in His presence & glory now Roy beholds Him face to face with all his journing friends & loved ones.Roy has led the Way we all long for his presence but will eventally follow Roy in God's perfect timing to see our King &Roy again

~ herbert & sandy harris

We will so miss this incredible prayer warrior. You captured him so well in what you wrote about Roy....truly an amazing man of God, husband (what a reunion with his soulmate), father, and friend. The huge void he leaves behind will be felt by so many. So honoured to have known and loved him all these years and rejoicing at all he is now experiencing in the presence of His Saviour.....yet, truly far greater than the hot air balloon ride. Hugs

~ Howard & Kathy Weir

I met Roy when he taught my son Jason grade 5 at Wilton Grove public school. We got to know him better when we joined West Park Baptist Church, he was a very lovely godly man Full of knowledge and willing to share what he knew with anyone, he was very special. I have enjoyed being part of the conversation English program. The last time I saw Roy was in the café at church after a Sunday service and we talked and I kissed him on the top of his head told him I loved him and I'm glad I did because that was the last time I saw him! I feel privileged to have known him . Mrs. Judy Elliott

~ Judy Elliott

Uncle Roy, one of the kindest and most loving men I've ever known. His eyes sparkled in a way that would touch your soul, and his smile and chuckle made everyone a better person for being near him. He never forgot anyone and made everyone feel special. We were very lucky to have had this man in our lives. He will be greatly missed by everyone that had the opportunity to know him. Rest In Peace, uncle Roy. Love from Ed, Emma, Roann and Juniper.

~ Ed Wallace

A beautiful man with a pure heart and soul. Roy always greeted me with a smile, a soft presence and a glow that could only come from a kind heart. We will all miss his presence, yet he will always be with us. When Roy passed he took a little piece of me with him, and he left a little piece of him with me. God rest my friend.

~ Dave Parry

I will miss you my dear friend. Your faith and love of Jesus was an inspiration for me. You have been called by your heavenly Father home and you no doubt was received with open arms to your heavenly reward. God Bless

~ Martha Cole

It was a pleasure knowing Roy and being able to be with him. He gave amazing witness to a life of dedication to his family and friends world-wide and an example of how to live selfless humility. We will miss this dear man immensely.

~ Bernie

"Uncle" Roy and "Auntie" Frances welcomed me into their lives and home during my University days. Their commitment to the Lord set a wonderful example and their wit and wisdom enriched my life. Roy prayed faithfully for me during my 25 years in Africa--and beyond. I will always be grateful to have known him.

~ Ellen Waldock

Condolences. I met Roy only once, but frequently through a friendship with Peter, I got to know a man who loved deeply and intentionally.

~ John and Diana

Working with Peter Wallace, I had a chance to meet his Dad, Roy Wallace, a handful of times. He was a kind soul, with a keen sense of humour. It was evident that he is a special person to so many. May he rest peacefully with the Lord and continue to watch over his loved ones.

~ Lea Benjamin

While I only had brief encounters with Roy over the years, the compassion, kindness and soft voice you knew instantly that this was a man to admire, and respect. Roy greeted me always with a smile, and genuinely interested in what I had to say or share. His loss to the Wallace and human family is unmeasurable.... May his memory be a blessing!

~ Marc Mittleman

I was blessed to have known Roy, first as father of my friend Carol, and then as a fellow teacher. He mentored me into my career, and welcomed me into his home often. His humble ways and love of Jesus shone through everything his did. He had a special place in his heart for students who had challenges and he invested in them. I feel privileged to have known him and his family. Truly His was a life well lived.

~ Anna Roth

I was so blessed to have know Roy Wallace. I first met him way back in my grade 6 year at Wilton Grove P.S He was my home room teacher along with my french teacher for grade 6, 7 & 8. 2 years later he was the teacher for my brother as well. Roys wife Frances and my mother both went through cancer treatments together. Unfortunately both passed away and now are with the Lord. Through the years we kept in touch through phone calls and meeting weekly at Church. Roy never missed an opportunity to stop by give me a hug and say to all those around us " We went to School together, we were fellow classmates mates". Seeing Roy on Sunday was a welcoming treat. Always had a smile on his face, making silly jokes and talked about his family and how he enjoyed going up to the cottage in the summer months. Roy was a man who whole heartily loved God and was proud to let the world know. So happy to have know Roy. May you rest in Peace and your light for God shine upon all of us. Que vous restiez en paix et que votre lumiére pour le seigneur brille sur nous tous. Lori Ferguson

~ Lori Ferguson

Wallace family, I (Dan) was one of the many blessed by knowing Roy. He was a joy to be around and I have many fond memories of times with him. He was always ready to be a support and encouragement and was truly generous. I loved how he showed his love of God and servant heart. Although most of my family did not meet Roy personally, they were still blessed by his generous spirit. They knew him through me. Wallace Family, may God give you peace and comfort at this time.

~ Dan & Trish Havercroft

Roy and I were neighbours at the Gainsborough. We were like minded because we loved Jesus and shared our Faith. Your Father made a Mark where ever he was and very respected and loved...he will be missed,, God's Blessings and His comfort. Jean Ireland, 1 Peter 5_7.

~ Jean Ireland

Roy was my second dad for almost 40 years, the majority of my adult life. He was a kind and compassionate dad who always made time for a chat or a visit. He took the rest of my family in as well and made us all feel welcomed and loved. We shared many joyous times together. The Ganton family sends their thoughts, prayers, and love to the Wallace family at this time of remembrance.

~ Ruth Wallace

What wonderful memories we have of Uncle Roy . His very gentle and caring nature have blessed many . What comes to mind when I think of Uncle Roy is 'Well done good and faithful servant'. My dad Willard is sending his prayers and love. We send our love and sincere sympathy to all of the family . Blessed assurance Jesus is ours and we share in the promise of eternity together . Nancy and Bill

~ Nancy and Bill Woodruff

Roy you will be missed. You have always been a great inspiration of one faithful follower of Christ. You led by example in all you did. I am so glad we were able to see you on your balcony the day of your 93rd birthday!! I remember the time you were getting your licence renewed around the corner from where I worked and you popped in to say hi and ask if I wanted a ride home. That was very thoughtful even though you had me drive. lol. Your daughter, Jane, has been a true friend over the many years I have known her. Even though distance keeps us separated for long periods of time, when we see each other again it's like we've never been apart. My experience with both Jane and Carol in Austria will never be forgotten! Thank you Roy, for letting me be part of your family too!! Say hi to my dad when you see him. With lots of love and hugs, Rebecca

~ Rebecca Rundle

Uncle Roy, forever young, a faithful man of prayer. Well done. To Roy's family, may you know the love and comfort of the LORD at this difficult time.

~ Nova

Roy Wallace was the most angelic, kind, loving man I ever met. The Lord connected us at the airport years ago, where I gave him a copy of my book. We stayed in touch and he prayed for me every day he said, and even supported my mission and ministry to be a voice for my children who had no voice, because of abortion. It was such an honour to know him and so glad I called and spoke to him a few weeks ago. He is so missed. I see his wonderful smile as I write this. May the Holy Spirit comfort you all at this time. Shalom.

~ Denise Mountenay

Roy was a kind and loving example of a faithful, Christian man. He demonstrated this often to me as I met him on and off through the years. My prayers are with the family - that God would bring comfort to your hearts at this time. He will be missed greatly.

~ Dot (Black) Adair

I first met Roy at the SIM retirement homes in California. My husband, Wally, and I were staying in that facility, although we are missionaries with ABWE, not SIM. (How gracious of them to give us accommodation.) Little did I know then that Roy and I would work together every week for many years at West Park Church' Conversational English Classes. He was a master teacher and I learned so much from him from 2007 until he retired recently. I speak for the hundreds of adult students we taught over these many years, as I give a big THANK YOU to Roy Wallace

~ Jeannie Stephenson

Arne and Donna send our love and prayers to Roy's family--May you always cherish all the beautiful memories of your heart. We were privileged to have Wallaces become part of our family when Jane and David married. Cherished memories are of visits, sharing, laughing together (loved to hear him laugh) and his love of people was genuine. Roy was a wonderful example of a man walking with the Lord! We will miss him!

~ Donna and Arne Carlson

As a young child at boarding school, Roy Wallace initially embodied a strict authority figure. However, the older I grew and the more contact I had with him, I began to understand how someone could be both an authority figure and a person of deep warmth and humor. I learned to look for the twinkle in his eye, and I discovered a man of humor and passion with a deep devotion to his calling. He loved his family and was so proud of them. Yet his heart was enormous. The motley crew of missionary kids was also his delight - one he continued to pursue long after his MKs were no longer in his care. His joy at meeting one of his now-adult MKs was obvious and greatly appreciated. He was Unkie to us all. He lived Titus 2: 7-8 Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching, show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us. As a teacher, Unkie led by example. May we, his students, follow in his steps. Thank you, Carol, Peter, Frank, Johnathan, Jane, and Marnie, for sharing your parents with us. We share in your sorrow, grief, and yet great joy knowing Unkie is now in the presence of his Lord Jesus - the One he served so faithfully! Â

~ Laura Jacobson Toews

As a child at Bingham Academy, Unkie was not just respected but almost revered in the sense that with him we didn't want to push the boundaries not just because he was firm but fair, but because we didn't want to offend his goodness. His investment in the band was very memorable, not because I became a good trumpet player but because he included me. Later, partly because of his influence, I took up the saxophone. Years later I got to know him in a different way when he stayed in our home in Calgary recovering from an accident he and Jonathan had been in. From him I learned how painful it was to laugh with broken ribs. Back in Ethiopia when he returned to teach at Bingham and then to teach English at a Bible college, relating to him as a colleague brought another layer of appreciation. His advocacy and support for all Bingham missionary kids he had known was a lifelong trademark. His prayers will be missed, but his love will be remembered.

~ Tim Jacobson

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