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Trevor ‘Marshall’ Alexander Marshall

April 20, 2023

Anyone who knew Trevor Alexander Marshall (aka Marshall Alexander) would not be surprised to hear that he passed away in his sleep on 4/20. Marshall rolled a “nat one” on his nap and never woke up – he should have really learned to set an alarm. It was his wry sense of humour you see and his “too soon” timing, a couple of the many things he was infamous for.

This gentle giant with an unbelievably enveloping hug that he gave generously, left behind the love of his life Alyssa Whelan. His parents Gloria (née Ross) and Alex Marshall are of course devastated that he left us so soon, as are his brothers Colin and Eian Marshall, as well as his sisters-in-law (who he always called sis and gave a great big hugs to) Amber Haskim, Paulina (née Furtado) and Lena Whelan. He was close to his uncle Chris Ross. His nieces Kaylea Fearnley (née Gaudet) and Penelope Haskim Marshall were treasures to him with the ability to instantly revive his spirits and brighten his day.

Marshall (he hated the name Trevor) had a number of health problems the last few years but survived them (up till now anyway) with the help of his family named above along with his cousins Josh Aitken & Maaike van Haastert, Luke & Miranda (née Reidhead-Lawlis) Aitken, Alison (née Hodsman) & Gavin Taylor, Sara Marshall & Chris Brown, Brian & Tammy (née Domalain) Marshall, Peter Hodsman, Robert Dunlop, Terry Jr. & Jessica (née Wiseman) Mielke and friends too numerous to list so you’ll have to come to the wake and meet some or all of them and listen to Marshall stories and raise a glass if you are so inclined.

When Marshall loved he loved big, with his beautiful, infectious smile he had a fierce loyalty to his many “packs” which included any creature big and small that came into his life. From fire belly toads to multiple rescue animals he had so much to give and wanted so much to make things better for those he came in contact with. He told so many people on a regular basis that he loved them often accompanied by a spirit lifting hug. He had a profound emotional capacity that he shared generously and for this we will forever be thankful for.

What else did he love – loud music (ask the neighbours), intense video gaming with people all over the world, a witty and irreverent humour (which got him kicked off of Facebook numerous times which, by the way he was quite proud of), D&D gaming with his long-time D&D pack. He loved dressing in his own fashion sense, shoes matching his ball cap and not a scuff to be seen. Numerous book series but the Malazan saga the most, and loved talking with you about the books he read and the thoughts he was moved by in them.

In case it’s not clear Marshall thought in packs, he believed that individuals could not thrive on their own, they needed a pack. Maybe a small pack, maybe a long distance pack, sometimes a growing pack other times receding. The world broke his tender heart every day and trampled on his sense of justice and his packs held him together and helped him pick up the pieces. He was a one-of-a-kind human being, honest to a fault and truly unique. If there is one thing he didn’t it was miiiiiind. He had a huge heart and welcoming presence, always inviting everyone into share his home. He was a genuinely caring friend and he will be deeply, deeply missed.

Marshall was infamous for his lack of patience, not holding back his opinion and a passion for telling it like it is – regardless of the personal cost. He always told you the truth even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. He was highly proficient at cursing and liked using four lettered words for verbs, nouns, adjectives and for punctuation. He often stood up to bullies and constantly worried about everyone’s safety. On the other hand, he was a consummate story teller and usually had his listeners laughing till their sides hurt.

So what would Marshall say to you reading this… I was born; had memorable stints at Lorne Ave PS and Parry Sound HS but I hated school and clashed with teachers starting in Grade 1, worked kitchens all over the city, found my lady and loved her devotedly; along the way I laughed, I made others laugh, I rebelled, I struggled, I loved and in a blink of an eye it was over. If you followed his FB page you know he would tell you now “hug the people you love more often and let them hug you, tell them you love them and look after your pack”. He left us way too soon and would have been worried about his “packs” right to the end.

The date for Marshall’s wake is on Saturday, May 27, 2023, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at Molly Blooms, 700 Richmond Street, London – He’ll see you there

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Thanks for the memories, the loving protection of a brother you gave so freely and the love you poured over Aly all these years. Love you big guy.

~ Tara

Sincerest condolences to your parents and family. I am sure your loss is truly devastating to them all. Safe trip up and RIP

~ Sue and Jim

My deepest sympathies Aly, Gloria, Al and Marshall family. What a beautiful written tribute for a truly wonderful man. May your memories soothe your broken hearts and keep him with you always. ❤️

~ Cathy Balkwill (Fritz)

Aly, I just do not know what to say. No words will ever console you at this time or ever. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

~ Auntie Nancy

I am fiercely proud of you for refusing to be anyone other than yourself. You never knew that I bragged about you constantly: “I have the best, coolest, most big-hearted, rough-dude cousin.” Thank you for seeing me in all of my weirdness right from the beginning. You will continue to teach me about kindness, loyalty, being real, and taking in love. Thank you for the gifts you have offered and continue to offer our family. We could all learn from you and I hope we do.

~ Alison

The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd I saw the light fade from the sky On the wind I heard a sigh As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers I will say this last goodbye Night is now falling So ends this day The road is now calling and I must away Over hill and under tree Through lands where never light has shone By silver streams that run down to the Sea Under cloud, beneath the stars Over snow and winter's morn I turn at last to paths that lead home And though where the road then takes me I cannot tell We came all this way But now comes the day To bid you farewell Many places I have been Many sorrows I have seen But I don't regret Nor will I forget All who took that road with me Night is now falling So ends this day The road is now calling And I must away Over hill and under tree Through lands where never light has shone By silver streams that run down to the Sea To these memories I will hold With your blessing I will go To turn at last to paths that lead home And though where the road then takes me I cannot tell We came all this way But now comes the day To bid you farewell I bid you all a very fond farewell

~ Anonymous

I love you brother, I will never forget you and the childhood we shared together. You were truly one of a kind!! I hope you know how much your friendship meant to me!

~ Paul Cadman

A beautifully written tribute I’m sure he would blush over. Our hearts are heavy with all your pain and sadness and know we are thinking of you all. Love to you all, Paul, Cindy, Lauren and Carson Moniz

~ Paul, Cindy, Lauren and Carson

Trev was such a sweet soul, and so kind to children. He was one of a kind. Aly I am so heart broken for you. I love you both and you are in my prayers

~ Sarah Hughes

Condolences to Aly and the Marshall Family. What a loss he is. His late night musings, his sense of humour….his great smile. We were privileged to be one of his pack. Can’t quite grasp that I won’t be seeing you soon or that there will be no weirdness on your fb page. Gone but never forgotten. Kelly

~ Kelly Elgie

Trev, at least left us on one of your favourite days. I will miss your out of the blue phone calls, just checking in for a chat and a laugh. To Aly and his family, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. May you find peace in knowing he is now comfortable with his new surroundings and will always be checking in with you to make sure you're alright. Fly high my friend.

~ Hayley Clarke

I’ll miss your unique sense of humour. Life is going to suck a little more without you in it.

~ Robert Dunlop

god that smile, he was born with it, thank you for everything, the whole messy mess of it

~ Mom

Love you. Always.

~ Amber

Services for Trevor ‘Marshall’ Alexander Marshall

Marshall's Wake will be held at:
Molly Blooms
700 Richmond Street,
London, Ontario

May 27, 2023 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm